Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Plot of new Tarantino film revealed

Filming is underway on a new Quentin Tarantino film and our film industry insider Spartacus Titanic has been given the lowdown.

Tarantino's new movie is based around an obscure South Korean film from the early 1990s that you've never heard of, or some low-budget spaghetti western from the mid-60s that you've also never heard of. It's been updated to a contemporary style, though set in an indeterminate era, and features snappy dialogue and a hipster soundtrack.

The cast features loads of people you've seen in lots of other Tarantino films and are dressed in appropriately hipster-ish gear, though many question marks over the historical accuracy of set, dress, surroundings and soundtrack remain.

Tarantino will make a cameo appearance and look a bit awkward while doing it and there'll be lots of guns. It promises to be a cracker!

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