Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dog "treated like Carlos Tevez", court hears

A dog owner being prosecuted for cruelty claimed in his defence today that "I treated that animal like Carlos Tevez".

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is being prosecuted by an animal rights charity over claims that he neglected the Argentinian Dogo and left it to starve. "It's utter nonsense" he told court under cross-examination. "We went to the park where I threw a ball for him to chase. He refused and that's where this nightmare began".

The prosecution claims the animal was sent away where the owner knew that it would be mistreated, claiming that represents wilful neglect. "It's nonsense", the five men and seven women of the jury heard. "I sent him to a plush kennel back in Argentina where I hoped he would be looked after and get that spark back. I've got bills to show this whole episode cost me a fortune. The Dogo is a highly temperamental animal and I sent him where I thought it best for him".

The dog returned to Britain this week horribly out of shape, but with a golfing handicap down to three.

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